New Batch Of Persona 5 Videos Showcase Stylish ‘All-Out’ Attacks


A fresh batch of colorful and action-packed videos have been released for Persona 5 by Atlus, showcasing new ‘All-out’ attacks that are designed to be flashy finishing moves which dish out huge amounts of damage.

Due to release on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3 in 2017, the chronological sixth entry in the spinoff RPG series casts the player in the role of a silent protagonist who’s been recently transferred to Shujin High School and shortly thereafter discovers their own latent Persona powers.

All-out attacks for the protagonist and two of their classmates – Makoto and Yusuke – have been dispatched so far, detailing the crazy action you’ll be witnessing each time one is triggered. While each character-specific ability has its own subtle differences, they all feature gorgeous splashes of color and style, culminating in silhouettes of your team crisscrossing the screen in a flurry of attacks.

See above (and below) for each sequence.

While North American fans will have to wait until February 2017 for Persona 5 to arrive, Japan can look forward to getting their hands on the JRPG next month. Atlus has yet to confirm a European distributor or release date, but fingers crossed. If you just can’t wait though, you could always import a copy, assuming you can find one. Good luck!