New Battleborn Hero Alani To Enter The Fray Next Week, Patch Tweaks Ambra And Gaililea


Developer Gearbox Software has detailed plans for Battleborn‘s first major post-launch patch, which heralds the arrival of the 27th hero, Alani.

Due to land on Tuesday, May 31, Alani is the first of five free DLC characters set to arrive for the multiplayer title, with a new gameplay trailer embedded above offering a peek at her playstyle.

Here’s an overview of what to expect when the latest Battleborn deploys:

“Raised as a healer, but forced to be a warrior, Alani is all that remains of her order after Rendain’s Imperium stole the oceans from her world. Through meditation, intense focus, and warranty-breaking misuse of water-soluble nanotech, she can summon tidal waves with the flick of a finger.”

Meanwhile, Gearbox also detailed plans to balance both Ambra and Gaililea with next week’s update. When it comes to the former’s Extinction Event, the studio opted to remove “the slowing effect to allow for better counter-play options around her ultimate.” As for Gaililea, today’s blog post notes that the character’s “desecrate was never intended to constantly apply crowd control or debuffs on enemies throughout the duration,” leading Gearbox to “change the augmentations to only apply the effects at the cast of the skill.”

“This change now requires Galilea players to use Desecrate more effectively and allow some counter-play if players find themselves falling into the Desecrate. In addition, we made some fixes to her melee attack so Galilea is now moving like all other melee when attacking.”

Mark your calendars, Battleborn fans; Alani will join the game’s roster of heroes on Tuesday, May 31.