New Bordeaux Beckons In Stylish Mafia III Gamescom Trailer


Lincoln Clay is a wanted man. Upon returning from Vietnam, our war veteran descends into the criminal underbelly of New Bordeaux – a faux New Orleans, essentially – immersing himself into a world of double-crossing crooks and old-fashioned bank robbing.

Welcome to Mafia III, the high-octane action sequel in the works from 2K and developer Hangar 13. Set to hit current-gen systems and PC in October, the companies have today rolled out a Gamescom trailer for the threequel, shedding light on a fictional yet vibrant game world that’s brimming with depth and intrigue.

According to Creative Director Haden Blackman, the team at Hangar 13 have built Mafia III‘s open world in such a way that all of your actions will have some bearing on Lincoln Clay as a character, telling The Verge that “everything you’re doing in the open world is driving you forward. Lincoln doesn’t go off fishing or something — everything furthers his goal.”

After being left as the sole survivor of a vicious mob attack, Clay then sets about building his own gang to take on the city’s criminal underworld. Toss in a stellar soundtrack and some welcome nods to the series’ history – the inclusion of Mafia II protagonist Vito Scaletta, for instance – and it’s easy to see why Hangar 13’s threequel has garnered so much attention.

Mafia III is earmarked for release across PS4, Xbox One and PC on October 7. Gamescom 2016, meanwhile, will swing its doors open to the gaming masses tomorrow, August 17 and continue throughout the course of the weekend.

Source: The Verge