New Clip For Wii U Exclusive Yoshi’s Woolly World Is A Cuddly Delight


As one of the staples in Nintendo’s pantheon, Yoshi has and always will be a loveable character, but the latest trailer for upcoming Wii U exclusive Yoshi’s Woolly World dials the cuteness factor of everyone’s favorite dinosaur up to 11.

In development at Good-Feel studio – the creative minds behind the game’s next of kin, Kirby’s Epic YarnWoolly World is a platformer with a unique spin on the genre’s age-old formula (quite literally). Set against a vivid, textile-themed world, the title will see players hop, skip and weasel their way between various yarn-based obstacles.

Gameplay for Yoshi’s Woolly World was first shown off at Nintendo’s Direct presentation at E3 last year, and it looks to retain the infectious charm infused in many of the company’s mascot platformers, meaning that fans of the Yoshi’s Island series will no doubt find a myriad of familiar mechanics lurking beneath the cloth-covered aesthetic.

Last last month, Nintendo also revealed a line-up of Amiibo figurines to tie in with the game’s launch in June. Much like the titular environment in which the game is set, said collectibles are also made entirely of yarn, and will make a nice collector’s item alongside the bevy of NFC-powered statues making their way to market.

Nintendo has confirmed that Yoshi’s Wooly World will weave its way onto Wii U in time for June 26.