New Dark Souls III Video Showcases Knight And Cleric Classes


New footage of a Dark Souls III stream released by FromSoftware has revealed new gameplay from the game’s Knight and Cleric classes. Once again, the footage has been captured in the now well-known area of Lothric – one of Dark Souls III‘s starting stages – but the high-speed attacks being performed by the player character are brand new.

First to be shown is the Knight and his dual scimitars which, as you’d suspect, are sleek and quick, enabling swift movement and ninja-like Weapon Art attacks, one of which involves several spinning slashes in quick succession. Like many things From have shown off from Dark Souls III, the combat with quick-hitting weapons instantly recalls the faster-paced Bloodborne.

The Cleric and his slower, heavier-hitting mace recall the Dark Souls combat you’re probably more accustomed to – each attack takes considerably more time to wind up and release, but the weight of impact is captured perfectly.

With each and every new piece of information, footage and news that trickles out of FromSoft HQ, we get more and more excited about the third game in the series. It seems that director Hidetaka Miyazaki has pooled his experiences from all of the past titles and distilled them into a fine wine that’s become a perfect vintage.

Let’s just hope that the long-awaited sequel doesn’t suffer from the same performance issues that’s plagued past games in the series.

Dark Souls III hits Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC on April 12.

Source: Destructoid

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