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New Deus Ex Trailer Released, Minds Are Blown

A new Deus Ex trailer has arrived and it is unbelievable stuff. Showing off the some fantastic CGI the game is gearing up to be one of 2011's biggest releases.

I personally have always enjoyed the Deus Ex games, its blend of RPG and FPS in a futuristic setting has always appealed to me. So as you can imagine I’m pretty excited about the release of a prequel but today a brand new trailer has arrived and my excitement has just tripled.

The trailer itself is purely CGI and some of which has been featured in shorter trailers before but altogether and in context it’s unbelievable stuff. Mixing a Blade Runner style with a realistic near future world has me itching to get my hands on it. Deus Ex: Human Revolution releases early in 2011 with no firm release date announced as of yet, however the games pre-order bonuses were recently revealed so it can’t be long until an official date is given. The game will be available on PC, PS3 and Xbox 360.

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