New Dishonored 2 Gameplay Video Demonstrates Emily Kaldwin’s Deadly Abilities


Sadly, there’s just two days left to go before Gamescom closes its doors for another year, but that doesn’t mean the event is winding down, not by any means. Bethesda’s certainly not done, as they’ve just released a brand new gameplay video for Arkane Studios’ highly-anticipated Dishonored 2.

Arkane’s sequel to the the first Dishonored will be continuing the steampunk aesthetic that its predecessor did so well, but unlike the original, there’s two protagonists this time around. Corvo Attano returns for a second round of stealth and action gameplay, but alongside him is Emily Kaldwin – the little girl you were tasked with rescuing in the first game.

Except Emily’s all grown up now, and she certainly doesn’t need protecting if this newest trailer is anything to go by. Beginning in the cobbled streets of a fanciful Victorian-esque building, Emily takes on a sinewy shadow form and darts around the courtyard, rending limbs from the guards stationed outside like a knife through butter.

Venturing inside reveals a more dangerous foe: strange, clockwork robots with giant blades for arms. What follows is a series of leaps, jumps and furious attacks from Emily as she pulls the bot apart, piece by piece.

Dishonored 2 is certainly looking promising. Besides looking visually stunning, the gameplay looks seamless to boot. Roll on November.