Fable Fortune Now In Development



Fans of Microsoft and Lionhead Studios’ Fable franchise are likely still smarting from the sudden closure of the developer, as well as the simultaneous cancellation of the nearly-completed Fable Legends. However, the series may not be completely finished yet. Indie developer Flaming Fowl Studios, primarily made up of former Lionhead employees, has revealed the existence of Fable Fortune, another spinoff game that has secretly been in development since 2014.

Fortune will be more along the lines of Hearthstone than a conventional Fable game, focusing on competitive card battles rather than real time fantasy action. Some traditional Fable characters and mechanics, like quests, leveling up, and decisions that lean player characters towards good or evil, will still be incorporated. Online co-op is also planned to be available at launch, along with more possible PvP and campaign modes being considered for further down the line.

Flaming Fowl intends to launch a Kickstarter campaign tomorrow with a funding goal of about $366K, aiming for a late 2017 release on Xbox One and Windows. Both closed and open betas are also planned beforehand.

Fable Fortune may not be the true fourth entry many fans have hoped for, but then again, neither was Legends. How enthusiastic gamers will be to fund the title remains to be seen, but the financial goal seems fairly modest and Hearthstone has developed a huge following, so the game may very well carve out its own niche if released as planned.

Source: Polygon

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