New Final Fantasy XV Footage Reveals New Enemies And Terrifying Death Magic


Present during last week’s TwitchCon, Square Enix revealed some more details for their upcoming Final Fantasy XV by way of a new gameplay trailer that showcases the extremely powerful death magic and a variety of new enemies.

With Noctis the heir to the only kingdom that still practices the art of magic, players won’t be left wanting for flashy abilities that can wipe out a horde of enemies in one fell swoop, but what about when you’re up against a single, extremely powerful enemy? Enter the Death spell.

A mainstay spell throughout the series’ history, Death has always been an endgame ability learnt by characters as they approach the end of their journey, traditionally having the rather useful side effect of killing any enemy in a single hit. The downside being its extremely low accuracy.

Noctis will wield that very same power come November, but Square Enix has tweaked the spell just a little for this iteration. Able to cast Death by way of the special Ring of the Lucii, casting the spell roots Noctis in place, making him vulnerable to attack if he’s in the immediate vicinity. The longer he channels the life-draining attack, the more HP is sapped from the target, although how long you hold the button down is your choice.

You can watch Noctis literally cause his enemies to wither away to nothing in the trailer above, including on the fearsome “Bandersnatch.”

Final Fantasy XV launches for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on November 29, assuming there’s no more delays.