New Four-Part Video Series For No Man’s Sky Begins With Exploration


The first part in a new string of videos showcasing the four key pillars of No Man’s Sky’s core gameplay has been released today by Sony and Hello Games. Kicking off the four-part series is Exploration, which puts together a montage of vastly different ecosystems the player may discover on their journey to the center of the universe.

An inconceivable “18 quintillion planets” make up No Man’s Sky vast digital expanse, so visiting them all will be, with no exaggeration, simply impossible. Of course, the completionists among you will no doubt give it your best shot (good luck with that), but unearthing never-before-seen species of animals and flora makes up just one of the aforementioned pillars.

Combat, trading and survival make up the other three, and you can expect to see more details on each with subsequent videos that emerge in the lead up to release.

No Man’s Sky will finally make contact with PlayStation 4 and PC on August 9. Any fears that Hello Games would have to push the hugely ambitious title back for a second time were quashed when studio head Sean Murray confirmed via Twitter earlier this week that it had gone gold. What a relief.

Can No Man’s Sky possibly live up to the hype? Keep those fingers crossed.