New Trailer For Frictional Games’ SOMA Is Disquietingly Creepy

soma 01

A new trailer for SOMA, Frictional Games’ upcoming space-set horror adventure, has been released. Entitled “Theta,” this brief new trailer showcases the spooky environments that you will have to explore, while also revealing a bit of information on the plot.

Sending players to the PATHOS-2 research facility, SOMA tasks players with investigating a series of machinery that has been taking on human characteristics. Is it the work of aliens? Or is there something even more unsettling going on here?

While you don’t catch a glimpse at any of the terrifying creatures that will most likely pop up, this trailer for SOMA is still pretty creepy in its own right. Perhaps that has something to do with an unknown woman talking about how people “keep killing themselves,” or perhaps it is just because space is scary? I’m not entirely sure. What I am sure of though, is that Frictional Games is looking to deliver something just as memorable as their popular Amnesia franchise.

SOMA will scare PlayStation 4 and Windows PC players of all shapes and sizes when it launches in 2015.

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