New Hero Powers Demonstrated In Latest Paragon Trailer From Epic Games


The latest trailer for Epic Games’ upcoming MOBA Paragon has arrived to demonstrate the latest set of hero powers that are – well – pretty epic. Starting with a blitzing assault from two flighty heroes, the action quickly becomes intense when a powerful counter attack enters the field of battle.

Opening on Sparrow and Gideon, the trailer showcases a rapid assault on an enemy core. While Sparrow uses her abilities to rain arrows on the defending minions, Gideon uses mysterious portals to unleash devastating attacks that transport objects – and eventually himself – across the arena.

The assault moves swiftly, but grinds to a halt when the powerful Steel and Grux come to defend the core. Steel’s ‘Force Shield’ suddenly restricts the speed and power of the attackers’ abilities, while Grux inflicts massive damage with ‘Smash & Grab’ and ‘Shell Shock’ attacks.

While Steel and Grux appear to have the upper hand as the action draws to a close, it’s clear that Gideon and Sparrow aren’t ready to give up the fight so easily. We’ll have to wait until Paragon releases for PC and PS4 later this year, however, to see who truly triumphs when all is said and done.

Source: Epic Games

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