NetherRealm And DC Tease Big Injustice 2 Announcement For Tomorrow


New details for superhero (and villain) beat ’em up Injustice 2 will be revealed tomorrow, developer NetherRealm Studios has revealed. A teaser video has been posted on the game’s official Twitter that shows Superman cradling the lifeless body of a mystery individual. Sadly, it’s almost impossible to discern the identity of the poor soul, what with their face being covered by a cloth, but the figure appears to be that of a woman. Could a terrible fate have befallen Lois Lane?

See the sample for yourself below and see if you can’t spot any clues:

Eager to get in on the act too, DC Comics has posted their own video teaser (below), this one depicting Wonder Woman and Supergirl trading blows in what looks like a barren wasteland. Could the conflict have anything to do with Superman’s apparent loss of a loved one? Both snippets are clearly from the same trailer, so it’s possible, but we’re betting that both are part of unrelated events.

Assuming Injustice 2 is still on track for its May 16 release date, one should probably expect the character and gameplay announcements to start coming thick and fast from here on out, with tomorrow’s supposed CG trailer likely to be the start. As of now, though, only a handful of characters have been confirmed for the fighter, including the likes of Harley Quinn and the more obscure Blue Beetle, as well as those mentioned above.

Check back with us tomorrow for the full scoop, as it could well be a big one.