New Killer Instinct Survey Suggests The Arrival Of More Guest Characters


A new survey released by Iron Galaxy Studios on Killer Instinct‘s Ultra-Combo website is asking fans to make note of what characters they’d like to see in the beat ’em up in the future, and more than just a few of the names will be familiar to Xbox owners. If you intend to give your own feedback, make sure you fill out the questionnaire honestly: Iron Galaxy says that all of your answers will be reviewed directly by themselves and Microsoft.

The message preceding the survey reads:

Hey everyone!

We need the Community’s help in shaping the future of Killer Instinct.

Your feedback will be taken directly to the developers at Iron Galaxy Studios and Microsoft Game Studios to help make Killer Instinct even better! Please be as direct and honest as possible!

The majority of the survey aims to gather information on existing content, but one particular query asks players to rank the following names in the order of least to most wanted. Perfect Dark‘s Joanna Dark is included, as is the Crackdown Agent. Killer Instinct natives like the two-headed Eyedol have also made the cut.

See below for the full list:

  • Halo Brute
  • Magic Archer
  • Joanna Dark
  • Djinn
  • Eyedol
  • Wendigo
  • Eagle
  • Crackdown Agent
  • Lovecraftian

It seems that nobody’s off limits as far as who Iron Galaxy and Microsoft are prepared to let loose in Killer Instinct. Of course, none of the above characters have been confirmed in any way, but we imagine those that emerge at the end of the survey with the most votes have a good chance of making it in.

Are there any not mentioned above that you’d love to see appear in the brawler? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!