New Kirby Game For Wii Revealed With Video

On Nintendo’s Japanese site, a video showing gameplay of a new Kirby game for the Wii appeared. The art-style drops the yarn motif that powered Epic Yarn and goes back to 3D graphics on a 2D plain. Epic Yarn was great and all but this is more akin to the Kirby we all know and love.

Obviously, the text is in Japanese so a friend of mine translated for me. He’s not fluent in Japanese but it’s better than nothing so someone correct me in the comments if this is not quite right. He says the snippet of text mentions that “unlike Epic Yarn, the style and gameplay of ‘Kirby of the Star’ is more like what people are used to. It also says that the game is still in development over at HAL Laboratory and is expected to go on sale sometime this year.

So there you have it. The game is called Kirby of the Star (although Japanese game titles often change before making their way overseas) and is going to be released this year. Great news! Check out the video below.