New LittleBigPlanet 2 Trailer

Media Molecule has been working away like the little magicians they are, on the sequel to the HUGELY successful and super awesome Playstation exclusive title: LittleBigPlanet. This new installment has taken note of what sort of creative exploits people enacted in the first game, made the trickier bits heaps easier, added new features like AI sackbots, cutscenes, and bitchin spy gadgets, to deliver what is quite possibly going to be the most impossibly deep and adorable game of all time. And yes I know that was a long sentence, get over it, I’m excited.

The sheer power and potential of the creative tools MM gives players is absolutely staggering. If you were lucky enough to participate in the beta then you will appreciate this already. MM have admitted they actually ended up using the IN GAME tools to build the latter part of the game itself, that’s mad right?

Anyway as expected, Sony are as smitten as the cookie monster in a baking factory and are positively bouncing with excitement over this game (as am I), and they’ve put up a new trailer for fans as that special release day draws ever nearer.