New Multi-Mission Mode Announced For Umbrella Corps


Capcom’s just announced a new Multi-Mission Mode for squad-based shooter and Resident Evil spinoff Umbrella Corps, giving us a pretty good idea of what it is exactly that players will be doing when the game launches in May. Multi-Mission is a six-player multiplayer mode that cycles randomly between eight scenarios (essentially a roulette) all with different tasks and objectives to complete to emerge victorious.

The different scenarios, detailed on Capcom’s Unity blog, stresses the importance of being “on your toes at all times” due to the random nature of which scenario crops up next.

See below for the full details on each one:

Target Hunter – One target will be chosen per team and only killing that target will count towards the score. Players can choose whether to focus on protecting their own target or aggressively attacking the enemy target.

Respawn Match – Team deathmatch featuring respawns. Take advantage of the on-screen sound radar map to locate the enemies’ random respawn points.

Domination – Secure the specified data transmission point located within the stage for a longer time than the enemy team in order to win.

DNA Hunter – Kill zombies and collect their DNA samples. Destroying the opposing team’s Zombie Jammers is a key strategy in this mode.

SP DNA Hunter – Kill the special mutated zombies and collect their DNA samples. They are particularly tough and immune to the effects of the Zombie Jammer. It’ll take teamwork to bring these creatures down.

Collector – Teams battle it out to see who will be first to collect all 5 briefcases in the stage.

Protector – Find the briefcase and hold it for as long as possible, while fending off the opposition. The player who has it will become a moving target, so teams must work together effectively.

Collar War – Collect the battle data “collars” of downed enemy players, and pick up allies’ collars to prevent the enemy team from getting points.

An eclectic list of activities then. Multi-Mission certainly looks (trailer above) and sounds like the most interesting part of Umbrella Corps revealed so far, but the ultimate success of the title will live and die on how enjoyable its core shooting mechanics are. We’re just hopeful that it doesn’t end up being dumped prematurely in the bargain bin like Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City was.

Umbrella Corps hits PlayStation 4 and PC in May.