New Nintendo 3DS: What Are The Features?



UPDATE: These new 3DS models will also include NFC technology, which will allow them to work with Nintendo’s Amiibo figures without the need for an extra device.

Nintendo has revealed that it will be launching new models for its 3DS and 3DS XL consoles, aptly titled the “New 3DS” and “New 3DS XL,” respectively. Up-to-date features include an extra analogue stick and additional trigger buttons, as well as hardware upgrades, such as a faster CPU.

The company will also be including a Micro SD card slot underneath the console and implementing improvements to the 3D aspect, which aim to maintain stability, comfort and sharpness of the feature.

If that wasn’t enough, more recent reports indicate that these new models will also feature customisable face plates, which will enable players to change the exterior cover of their systems. Face plates will be sold separately, though no announcement has been made yet in regards to individual retail prices. Furthermore, factory standard versions of the consoles will be available in metallic blue and metallic black for the New 3DS XL and regular white and black for the New 3DS.

Nintendo’s DS console is well-known for having an array of different models and designs available for purchase. At a quick glance, it’s difficult to know what to make of the New 3DS and New 3DS XL incarnations. The dimensions have remained relatively untouched and look remarkably similar to the models we’re used to, but the cartridge slot has been moved to the front of the device.

The sad news is that Nintendo is only planning to release these new consoles in Japan this year, with an expected launch date of October 11. According to a press release, there are currently no plans to release US and European versions of the devices until next year.

Are you interested in purchasing a New 3DS or New 3DS XL? Let us know in the comments section below.

Showing the Micro SD slot

Showing the Micro SD slot.

Additional shoulder buttons

Additional trigger buttons.

A selection of customisable face plates.

A selection of customisable face plates.


Source: Joystiq

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