New Nintendo 3DS Model Coming Next Month; Majora’s Mask, Monster Hunter 4 Versions Revealed



In accordance with previous rumors, Nintendo confirmed earlier this morning that its latest Nintendo 3DS XL model will release across North America on February 13.

News of when the handheld would make its way west first cropped up yesterday when retailers published promotional images detailing the release dates of both the console itself and games such as The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D and Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate — both of which are due February 13 and it’s understood the latter title is set to take full advantage of the hardware’s new-fangled, much-requested C stick.

Currently, only the XL version is headed west, where it will be available for $199. Alongside the new, minute analog stick, this latest Nintendo 3DS will come with Amiibo and NFC support built in, meaning players can take full advantage of the fourth wave of figurines when they arrive later this year. Further iterations include a fine-tuned design and a brand new face-tracking feature that utilizes the device’s front-facing camera. Essentially, this will purportedly eradicate any need to keep your head positioned in one “sweet spot” while gaming.

Alongside this reveal, Nintendo also detailed two hardware bundles that are set to hit the market on February 13, too; that being the Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate and The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask 3D editions. Much like limited edition 3DS’ of old, each of these bundles will include a hardware unit emblazoned with each respective game, making for a very cool and very eye-catching collector’s item. It’s worth keeping in mind that the Monster Hunter 4 pack will only be available through EB Games in Canada and you can check out close-ups of these bundles in question in the gallery below.

Nintendo will bring its new-fangled Nintendo 3DS XL to North America and February 13, which can be purchased as a standalone device for $199 or as part of those two aforementioned bundles.

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