New No Man’s Sky Gameplay Showcases Trading, Exploration And NPCs


As if Hello Games’ Sean Murray had caught wind of all the concerns fans and critics alike have voiced over the potential lack of varied content in No Man’s Sky, the studio head has appeared in a new 20-minute gameplay video with IGN that shows off a bunch of new features that we’ve not seen a whole lot of previously.

Along with the usual demo footage highlighting the exploration (entering the atmosphere of a planet, having a little walkabout then heading back into space) elements and the sheer size of the game’s universe, Murray also gives fans a glimpse of the interiors of some of the space stations orbiting the millions of unexplored celestial satellites and stars.

Inside, you’ll be able to converse with NPC traders to sell and buy resources and other desirable items and, should you perish while in space, you’ll respawn inside the nearest station.

Murray also briefly touches on the underlying lore of the universe, and how the player can unearth its history by discovering ancient relics left behind by an ancient race. Lastly, Murray gives us a look at the game’s inventory system and how one might manage the many items that’ll find their way into it.

No Man’s Sky releases for PC and PlayStation 4 on June 21. Does this newest slice of gameplay allay your own fears that the game’s world may feel a little too empty and devoid of stuff to do, or do you still have cause for concern? Let us know your thought in the comments below.

Source: IGN