New Petition Calls For Capcom To Release Resident Evil 4 Physically On Switch

Resident Evil 4

Last week, we told you that Nintendo Switch owners had some Resident Evil goodies awaiting them in 2019 and just a few days ago, Capcom revealed what they were planning.

If you’re hoping for a port of the Resident Evil 2 remake, well, you won’t be getting that, but instead, three classic entries into the hallowed survival horror series are being re-released this springResident Evil Zero, the remake of Resident Evil 1 and Resident Evil 4 will all be arriving on the Nintendo eShop later this year – on May 21st, to be exact – and while that’s great news, there was one small thing about the announcement that’s got fans mad.

You see, Resident Evil 4 will be a digital-only affair for those in North America and if you’re living in Europe, it’s even worse, as all three titles will be digital-only releases. Obviously, folks are pretty upset about this and now, a petition has sprung up on to get Capcom to give us – at the very least – a physical edition of Resident Evil 4.

You can head on over to the website to see the full petition via the link below, but here’s a blurb from it:

“With the recent announcement of Resident Evil 0, 1, and 4 coming out in May via Capcom, many were saddened to learn that not all of them would make the ‘switch’ to the physical format. This petition is to show Capcom how badly we want to see Resident Evil 4 physically! Let’s make it happen!”

Though this petition is – unfortunately – unlikely to change the developer’s mind about their release plans, it’s still nice to see fans trying their best to get a physical outing for Resident Evil 4. After all, given that many people are collectors, or just don’t want to waste space downloading all their games digitally, it’s understandable that folks would be upset with Capcom for choosing to skip over a physical edition.

That being said, they obviously have their reasons and if you ask us, just the fact that we’re getting these three games on the Switch in the first place is reason enough to be happy.

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