New Pokemon Sun And Moon Details Expected Next Week


Sound the klaxon, folks; new information regarding Pokemon Sun and Moon will go live on Tuesday, May 10, according to GameFreak’s Junichi Masuda.

Word comes by way of Masuda’s Twitter feed (via GameSpot), where the developer revealed that GameFreak plans to unveil “big news to everyone in the world” at 21:00 PM JST (5:00 AM PT).

Beyond that, official details are scarce – buried in the tall grass over at GameFreak. However, if Masuda’s Tweet is any indication, that “big news” to international fans of the RPG franchise could translate to a worldwide release date. Currently on course for launch later this year, there’s been little mention of Pokemon Sun and Moon since they were first unveiled earlier in the year.

That in large part comes down to the upcoming launch of Pokemon Go, not to mention the arrival of Red, Blue, and Yellow – the undisputed classics of the series – onto the 3DS eShop. Even still, Sun and Moon stand as the first mainline installments since X and Y three years ago, and fans have been clamoring for more information ever since. Could May 10 bring about the announcement of an official release date? Time will tell.

Stay tuned to We Got This Covered early next week when we’ll be bringing you all the news relating to Pokemon Sun and Moon and, one would hope, when each installment is expected to arrive.