New Prey Trailer Introduces The Different Forms Of Typhon You’ll Be Facing On Talos I


Bethesda has released a new video for upcoming shooter Prey that introduces the various different types of alien monstrosities players will find themselves having to combat while aboard the Talos I space station. Four distinctly different varieties are detailed in the footage, with the first – Mimic – having abilities that we’ve already caught a glimpse of in previous trailers. The smallest, and yet by no means least-harmful of the Typhon, Mimics can absorb matter and take on its properties and form as a means of camouflage, an ability that players will be able to utilize themselves with the Mimic Matter power.

Second is the Weaver, a distinct variety of the Typhon that can latch onto other organic matter and fuse with it in order to create entirely new entities. When a human is the unfortunate victim of a Weaver, the resulting crime against nature is the Phantom, a hulking mass of black gloop that takes on a roughly humanoid form. These may still exhibit some form of human behavior due to similar neurological patterns, but it’s probably wise not to approach them for the purposes of having a chat.

In fact, it’s best not to approach them at all, as the video’s narrator warns that Phantoms are extremely dangerous when encountered in enclosed areas. Trying to combat Phantoms from afar will result in them sending spheres of kinetic energy your way. That’s bad, by the way.

Finally, there’s Telepaths, floating orbs of death that have no need for physical strength, instead relying on their ability to control the minds of mentally weak organisms or, failing that, to melt it with powerful psychic abilities. To see each one in action, check out the video above, or head over to Bethesda’s website for some more detailed descriptions of each.

Prey is due out on May 5 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC and is being developed by Dishonored 2 creator Arkane Studios.

Source: GameSpot