New Screenshots For The Witness Paint A Beautiful Puzzler, Voice Cast Revealed

From its awe-inspiring pastel color palette to the hundreds of puzzles littered across its sprawling vistas, it’s little wonder why Thekla Inc.’s puzzler The Witness is fast becoming the first 2016 release to really turn heads and raise eyebrows – and that was before today’s info dump.

With little under a fortnight until release, Thekla and developer Jonathan Blow have formally announced the star-studded voice cast featured in the game, revealing an exciting list of talent that includes actors from The Last of Us, Metal Gear Solid and Fallout 4. They are as follows:

  • Ashley Johnson: Ellie from The Last of Us, Tales from the Borderlands, more.
  • Phil LaMarr – Hermes in Futurama, Ollie Williams in Family Guy, Marvin from Pulp Fiction, Vamp in Metal Gear Solid titles and many other offerings.
  • Matthew Waterson – Sir Lucan in The Order: 1886, Fallout 4 and Halo 5.
  • Terra Deva – musician and The Mickey Mouse Club veteran.

Now that the puzzler is all but complete, Blow estimates that it boasts around 70 hours of content across 600 or so puzzles to solve. Such scale and scope would certainly explain The Witness‘ prolonged development, which was originally unveiled in tandem with the PlayStation 4 itself all the way back in February of 2013. Now, almost three years later, Blow’s next creative venture is almost ready – and it looks stunning.

Jonathan Blow’s long-awaited sophomore hit The Witness will finally launch digitally across PS4 and PC on January 26. A physical release is likely, according to Blow, though we’re still waiting on firm confirmation.