New Screenshots Of A Youthful Lara Croft

Why hello there all you people in internet land, as most of you probably already know, Tomb Raider, is once again getting a franchise reboot. I use this term loosely, Tomb Raider has had more reboots than Charlie Sheen’s been arrested(Yeah, I went there). The usually busty treasure hunter, is now being shown in a much younger, much less top heavy form in this supposed prequel.

Now I personally spent hours of my youth playing Tomb Raider for the sole purpose of watching Lara Croft running, as I’m sure a lot of you male readers have. Trying to make Lara Croft less alluring, and sexy is like making Mario less Italian. It just isn’t the same, luckily it’s almost guaranteed long time Tomb Raider fans will buy the game anyways.

This title is said to be a type of survival shooter, possibly similar to Konami’s Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. I can’t say the game will be bad, but with a less voluptuous Lara it’ll definitely be less appealing. Here are some screen shots of the new(not particularly improved) Lara Croft.