New Trailer For Syndrome Sets The Game’s Tone Of Fear


The briefing trailer for Camel 101’s new survival horror game Syndrome arrived today, and it sets a tone of genuine terror for the upcoming narrative. Taking place on a suddenly courseless ship, you’ll find yourself in a truly terrifying situation as Syndrome‘s events unfold.

Putting you in the role of the only survivor from a seemingly simple exploration mission that has gone catastrophically awry, Syndrome leaves you wandering the chilling husk of your ship looking for answers. You may be the only survivor, but you will not be alone; the undead remains of co-workers and the deranged robotic crew will be hunting you down, and you’ll need to live long enough to find out just why that is.

Camel 101 set out with a simple goal for their new survival horror experience, explaining their thought process as follows:

Survival horror has become a bit too docile for Camel 101’s taste, too often emphasising atmosphere over the raw fear of danger. The goal with Syndrome is to get back to the roots of the genre with limited resources and no shortage of deadly encounters. Stranded on the dying ship, your only chance of escape is to uncover the truth, if you can live that long.

Syndrome will be available this summer and it is heading to PS4, Xbox One and PC systems. It will also feature Oculus Rift support at launch.