New Xbox One Accessories Inbound To Compliment Your Gaming Experience


Several new accessories are on their way to retail over the next few months for Xbox One, Microsoft has announced. Snazzy new controllers, new wireless support for existing peripherals and more varied audio options are just some of the areas being improved upon by the software giant in an effort to give consumers more options for their gaming setup.

First up are the Dawn Shadow Special Edition and sky blue Xbox One controllers which, besides adding some style to an otherwise black and white landscape, will ship with all the improvements made to the base design with the launch of the Xbox One S, so that means textured grips and Bluetooth technology are all yours for $69.99 and $64.99 respectively, come October 4.

In addition to the above, all PC controller bundles will now ship with an Xbox Wireless Adapter as well as a USB Charging cable as standard, making your life just that little bit easier when it comes to switching between Windows 10 and Xbox One play on the fly.


Finally, late October will see the release of the Xbox Stereo Headset (pictured above). Billed as both comfortable and lightweight (already an improvement over the standard headset, then), the device will support audio playback and feature a microphone for chat over Xbox Live. You’ll be able to nab yourself one on release day at GameStop and and the official Xbox Store for $64.99.

Well that’s that, then. We can’t imagine the new product range on offer will be to everyone’s tastes, especially given that third-party ranges for almost all of the above already exist, but it’s always nice to have options, eh?