New Xbox One And Xbox App Features Rolled Out Today

Xbox One system update

As of today, brand new features and upgrades have been rolled out for Xbox One and Xbox app users as the latest system update has gone live. The update includes all of the features that were outlined with Microsoft’s preview from the beginning of this month, as well as a few additional pieces.

The previously confirmed Xbox One updates included the ability to purchase backwardly compatible Xbox 360 games on an Xbox One console, as this was the most requested feature in feedback from users. Other features included Party Chat for Twitch broadcasts, an Achievement tracker in the Xbox One guide and direct video playback on the Xbox One activity feed.

Xbox App updates were confirmed to include a Gamerscore leaderboard and an updated, more detailed ‘Featured’ tab below the ‘Recently Played’ section.

With the updates live, however, Xbox One users can also make use of a newly improved thumbstick configuration to improve the precision of the Xbox Elite wireless controller. At its core this involves a new method to calculate the position of the thumbsticks consistently, enabling thumbstick response that is more in line with what you are expecting, leading to even greater control with the device.

The updates are now live, and you can check out the new features through your Xbox One console or your Xbox app.