Newegg Listing Shows Gran Turismo 6 For PlayStation 3

gran turismo 6 ps3 listing

A new online retailer listing has provided fresh evidence to support speculation that the officially unannounced Gran Turismo 6 will indeed end up being a PlayStation 3 exclusive.

As spotted by IGN, Newegg has updated their online store to show a listing for Gran Turismo 6 for the PlayStation 3. Lacking a description, release date, and place holder box art, the listing is extremely bare bones and basically only mentions that the title is a “rating pending” racing game for the PS3.

Interestingly, Newegg notes on the listing that Gran Turismo 6 has been “Discontinued”, and is “currently out of stock.” Additionally, the retailer warns that the game “may or may not be restocked.” Certainly this is a rare feat for a game that has never been released or given an official announcement.

Retailer listings should never be taken as proof that a game exists, however, in the case of Gran Turismo 6 this is just one piece of a very strange puzzle that seems to pointing at a PS3 exclusive release for the next racer in the popular franchise. Polyphony Digital’s technically unannounced GT6 was first brought up by Sony Worldwide Studios’ senior vice-president, Michael Deeny, in an interview with Silicon Republic last February. Deeny casually mentioned that the racing game was one of the many upcoming first-party titles that was still scheduled for the PlayStation 3, despite the company’s recent PlayStation 4 announcement.

Shortly after that unceremonious announcement, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe president and CEO Jim Ryan hinted in March that there are still some “highly significant” unannounced games headed to the PlayStation 3. Ryan didn’t specifically mention Gran Turismo 6 by name, however, the timing of his statement seemed to hint at a connection.

At any rate, we may not have to wait too much longer to get an official announcement from Sony on whatever is going on with Gran Turismo 6. CVG is reporting that the company is just “weeks away” from revealing GT6. Assuming their sources are correct, that announcement should reveal if the publisher is planning to keep the unannounced title a PS3 exclusive, move it over to the upcoming next-gen PlayStation 4, or give it a split-gen release on both systems.

We will keep an eye out for any further word on Gran Turismo 6, and let you know as soon as anything turns up.