According To Newly Leaked Documents, Fallout 4 May Be Real

fallout 4 rumors

For those that were annoyed by the Fallout 4 hoax that took place over the last month, things may be picking up for you. According to some leaked documents acquired by Kotaku, the next entry in Bethesda’s RPG series is indeed real and it will be bringing the apocalypse to Boston.

The leaked documents reportedly come from a casting call for a project tentatively called Institute. Kotaku has confirmed that these documents, which provide story and character descriptions, are authentic. While the Fallout name doesn’t officially appear in any of the documents, the report states that “there are several references to Fallout‘s setting and locations.”

I think everyone assumed that Fallout 4 was coming sooner or later, but the reveal of the hoax earlier this month may have discouraged people from thinking it was coming anytime soon. However, we are back in business now as these documents provide a glimmer of hope that the highly anticipated next entry in the series may be on the way.

I have to say though, finding out the game will take place in Boston has me feeling a little disappointed. Yes, I know that the Boston setting has been rumored for some time, but I was kind of hoping that Bethesda would take the series in a completely new direction. Improved technology will certainly help it look better, but I wonder how much different going to Boston will be than when we explored Maryland and Washington D.C. back in Fallout 3.

Tell us, are you convinced that Fallout 4 is actually real now? Or do you think this may just be another elaborate hoax? Let us know in the comments section below.