Watch As NHL 14 Goes Back Two Decades With Its Latest Trailer


Growing up, hockey games received more console time than any of the other games I owned, rented or borrowed. However, it wasn’t just my Toronto Maple Leafs fandom and passion that kept me invested. No, it was the games’ quality and addictive mechanics. Surely most will agree that, back in the 90s, many of the interactive versions of the frozen pond-based sport were fantastic. Electronic Arts owned its competition back then and still does to this day, thanks to its ability to deliver phenomenal annual iterations.

This year’s version of the phenomenal simulation series, which is aptly titled NHL 14, will pay homage to its past by offering a 20th anniversary branded throwback NHL 94 mode. Within its design, puck lovers will be able to use classic controls and physical force to take over the ice, while wearing throwback jerseys from teams like the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim and the Minnesota North Stars. Going further, familiar-looking star shapes will even highlight players in use.

You can see all of the above with your own eyes by looking at this brand new NHL 94 Anniversary Mode trailer for NHL 14:

Although NHL 96 remains as my favourite 1990s-based NHL game, NHL 94 was something I played to death. It was a great game, and was always a heck of a lot of fun. As such, this reveal has me quite excited.

NHL 14 will be released on September 10, and Martin Brodeur will embrace its cover.