NHL 16 Gameplay Trailer Takes The Action 20 Minutes At A Time


EA Sports producer Matt Bilbey hit the stage at EA’s press conference this afternoon to kickoff a presentation of this year’s athletic offerings. Leading the charge was NHL 16, which used rousing locker room narration to beef up a trailer montage of in-game footage.

The on-ice action on display showcases the usual graphical updates you can expect from a new entry in the series (those ice shavings are looking pretty swell), but the stage presentation had a few other nuggets of info to share that weren’t included in the trailer.


Most notable is that new contextual feedback will appear over player-controlled skaters to help you nail your timings, and the EA Sports Hockey League feature will help players make good on the game’s “Play together. Win Together” motto.

Check out the above trailer to see all the blue line-to-blue line action, which will be available for PS4 and Xbox One when NHL 16 releases on September 15th.