NHL 17 Gets An On-Ice Gameplay Video


Today has brought with it a closer look at EA Sports’ NHL 17, via a new “On-Ice Gameplay Video” that delves into this iteration’s most noteworthy mechanical bullet points. Needless to say, it’s a must-see for fans, especially those who play the game religiously, both on and offline.

Highlighted within are NHL 17‘s updated goalies, who boast forty lifelike stances and will opt to stand tall and block the puck over making unnecessary reactionary saves. See how these move sets were motion captured, and how that real-life movement has been transferred into the game, in order to make it more lifelike than ever before.

Of course, as is normally the case, there’s also talk of the skaters’ new abilities. Things like improved pivoting, cleaner puck pick-ups and more realistic push-offs in front of the net. If you watch hockey, you’ll know what the latter is, but if not, it’s when a player pushes himself off of a defender in order to gain better positioning near the opposing team’s crease.

See all of that — and more — above, and make sure to stay tuned for more information as NHL 17 develops towards its September 13th release date.

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