Niantic Celebrates Pokemon GO’s First Birthday With Anniversary Event

Niantic’s been remarkably busy with Pokemon GO in recent months. Besides holding a handful of limited-time events for the world’s most popular augmented reality title and its millions of players, the developer introduced the mobile title’s first major content expansion last month.

Raid Battles appear to have gone down well with the player base since their introduction, giving those Trainers who’ve spent the last 12 months honing the perfect team a chance to put their ‘Mons to the test in end-game battles. But of course, by reading this, you know that Niantic doesn’t plan to stop there. The studio has announced that a new Anniversary Event is due to kick off later today at 1 pm PST/4 pm EST/9 pm BST which offers all sorts of goodies for new and seasoned players alike.

Among those will be a special version of Pikachu that’s taken to wearing Ash Ketchum’s hat from the ever popular anime series. The iconic yellow mouse won’t have any special attributes beyond that, but those wishing to Catch ’em All will no doubt be out in their droves hunting for the critter. Additionally, new ‘Anniversary Box’ items will go on sale in-game, each one of which is packed full of items that aim to make your raiding experience just that little bit smoother.

That about wraps things up here, but Niantic says that it will have “even more exciting news” to share for Pokemon GO over the coming weeks. Could we finally be getting news on the long-awaited player trading system? Niantic has confirmed that the feature is still coming, but we’ve yet to be provided an ETA. Fingers crossed that they reveal just that in the near future!