Nicalis Reveals Interactive VR Game Dimensional Intersection


Indie developer Nicalis – who are widely known for their work on Cave Story, 1001 Spikes and The Binding Of Isaac: Rebirth – are going against the grain with their next published game. Dimensional Intersectiondubbed as being an interactive VR title, will release this fall for Steam, PlayStation VR and Oculus Rift.

But how exactly do you play this psychedelic, music-based game? Well, the press release for the upcoming title describes Dimensional Intersection as an “interactive music experience designed for Virtual Reality” that encourages the player to “interact with an ever-changing world synced to trance-style music from artists such as Soulacybin, Land Switcher and MONS.”

Judging by the screenshots released so far, the game is going to be a visual and audible tour de force and is very likely to blind you with its fluorescent color pallete.

Here’s some of the main features of the game:

  • Psytrance, Hyper-Chill, and Psydub music wisp you away as you explore a completely different reality with your eyes and ears
  • Immerse yourself in hyper realistic scenes filled with interactive realtime fractals, infinite tunnels, morphing 3d models, particles, more particles, even more particles and beautiful bloom
  • Meditative gameplay using music sync and otherworldly visual environments that continuously morph and evolve with the music as the player navigates through the game
  • Experience a grand sense of scale and physics, combined with visual & auditory stimulus while observing the surroundings in an ever-flowing dreamlike realm
  • A truly unique journey where you can lose yourself and disappear into the new and unexplored dimensions of virtual reality

Dimensional Intersection is being developed by Swedish studio DNV and is due to release this fall. No pricing has been announced by Nicalis just yet, and we’ve not been privy to any gameplay, but expect more details to trickle out closer to release date.