NieR 2 Retitled As NieR: Automata; Gameplay Debut Trailer Released


NieR 2 has had a name change. Square Enix have officially announced that the game will now be called NieR: Automata, and have kindly released some gameplay footage to coincide with the announcement. How nice.

Announced during Sony’s conference at the Paris Games Week, Square Enix revealed that players will be taking control of 2B, an “all-purpose android” with various combat abilities.

2B is an all-purpose battle android, deployed as a member of the automated infantry squad, YoRHa. She is equipped with a sword for close quarters combat, and can attack from range using the ‘Pod’ support system. Her eyes are obscured beneath her standard-issue military visor, which she rarely removes.

Members of the YoRHa squad forgo names and are referred to only by their code numbers. Though the regulations forbid them from expressing emotions, each model has its own distinguishing personality, and 2B is comparatively cool, calm, and collected.

In development by Platinum Games – who created the likes of Bayonetta and the upcoming Scalebound – Square Enix says that NieR: Automata will combine Platinum’s “signature action-oriented combat” with elements from the original game to create the “ultimate action-RPG.”

The producer of the game, Yosuke Saito, also commented on the success of the original and mused about what made it so successful.

“NieR struck a chord with many passionate gamers. It was something so special that we felt compelled to heed the fans’ call for a follow-up. To create the ultimate action-RPG, it dawned on me that a collaboration between PlatinumGames and SQUARE ENIX would be a dream come true.”

NieR: Automata is due to release in 2016 exclusively for PlayStation 4.