One Night In Karazhan Is Hearthstone’s Fourth Adventure; Launches August 11


Starting August 11, Blizzard is holding a party to end all parties for Hearthstone players. The competitive card game’s fourth DLC adventure – One Night In Karazhan – launches next week, and invites all disco enthusiasts to join Medivh in his iconic tower, where you’ll “rub shoulders with Azeroth’s most fascinating beings” and, of course, enjoy some new gameplay.

You’re invited to attend the party of the millennium! As Medivh’s guest you’ll experience everything his delightful domicile has to offer, rub shoulders with Azeroth’s most fascinating beings, and dance the night away in Hearthstone’s next Adventure: One Night in Karazhan!

As was the case with previous adventure The League of Explorers, Karazhan will consist of four ‘wings’ for players to complete, all of which contain various challenges and boss fights. As per Blizzard’s own confirmation, you can look forward to obtaining 45 brand new cards to toy around with, with each wing set to cost $4.99. Alternatively, you can pick up the full expansion for $13.99.

Unlike new card sets, which traditionally introduce a combination of over 100 minions and spells, Adventures instead place more emphasis on new and exciting battles against NPCs rather than drastically altering the current meta. Although, with the introduction of the Standard and Wild systems, any amount of freshly-printed cards are sure to mix things up a little.

For a further taste of what’s to come, take a look at the announcement trailer above.