Ninja Gaiden 3 Dev Diary Appeals To The Therapy Needs In All Of Us

Continuing with the theme that ninjas are a bonafide cure for the Mondays, the first in a series of developer diaries from Team Ninja has hit the net, giving some unique insight into how a team of professionals think when making a game like Ninja Gaiden 3.

Apparently, they want you to really feel what it’s like to take down a person with a katana. Which is a bit of a strange way to put it, but I suppose it’s better than knowing that feeling first hand. Maybe it’s a cultural thing, but the only thing I’ve ever taken down with a katana is those maniacal weeds in my backyard. Which is actually quite a bit more effective than it sounds.

But you won’t be taking down weeds in Ninja Gaiden 3 when it hits on March 20. You’ll be taking down real, live, virtual human beings. Especially those pesky ones that hilariously hide from the ninja at the end of the seemingly harmless hallway.

Sorry, the video is currently unavailable.

What say you, gamers? Ready for some human hacking, hallway creeping action? I know I am!