New Ninja Gaiden 3 Dev Diary Shows Ryu’s Soft Side

Despite being in a few games already, Ninja Gaiden 3star Ryu Hayabusa has never been much of a compassionate person. Who can blame him? He’s supposed to be a cold heartless ninja after all. Looks like Team NINJA is trying to change that by giving players a look at the inner conflict Ryu suffers from when he mercilessly takes a fool’s life.

Another developer diary has surfaced showing off some of the characters you’ll interact with that aren’t ninjas. Notable is the villain, the Regent of the Mask, who is seen as a powerful alchemist and a formidable swordsman. His entire goal in life is just to see Ryu suffer. He also has the odd side-effect of sounding exactly like Liquid Snake from Metal Gear Solid.

More importantly, the video shows that Ryu isn’t exactly the hardcore killer we all thought he might be. He actually suffers quite a bit emotionally dealing with having killed so many people in such a flurry of steel and blood.

But never fear. They’re virtual, so you shouldn’t be affected at all.

Developer diary is below, take a look.

Ninja Gaiden 3 is hitting shelves on March 20.

What say you, gamers? Do you feel bad for slaughtering millions of non-existent entities?

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