Looks Like Ninja Gaiden 3 Requires An Online Pass

Well this is interesting. Seems Tecmo Koei is jumping into the online pass bandwagon with Ninja Gaiden 3. Which makes sense, given that it’ll have admittedly confusing looking multiplayer.

The confirmation comes from a rep telling Joystiq that yes, the game will be the first from the publisher that will include the online pass that most other multiplayer games carry with them. This comes after spotting a listing on GameFly’s listing for the game notifying potential renters that the game will require an online pass.

This seems like a bold move, given that no one has any idea what the online multiplayer for Ninja Gaiden 3 will play like. Most other games that utilize the pass are for established franchises, so the pass seems warranted. Given that Ninja Gaiden is a renowned series, but only for single player, it’ll be interesting to see what happens with this.

What say you, gamers? Has this affected your purchase plans?