Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus Is Coming To PlayStation Vita

Haven’t we all had the desire to have a ninja in our pocket? No? Just me? Well that kicks the crud outta my lead. Ninja Gaiden is hitting Sony‘s newest handheld in February (in Japan at least).

Japanese gaming mag Famitsu reports that Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is coming to the PlayStation Vita early next year. It will feature Ninja Gaiden III‘s Hero Mode, which takes all the fun out of playing a game as difficult as Ninja Gaiden by allowing Ryu to perform auto-block and auto-dodge.

For those keeping score, this means Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is a port of Ninja Gaiden Sigma on PS3, which was a port of Ninja Gaiden Black on the first Xbox. That was a port of Ninja Gaiden, which was also released on the first Xbox.


What say you, gamers? Hoping this comes to the US?

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