Ninja Theory’s Hellblade Adorns This Month’s PlayStation Official Magazine Cover


Over the last few weeks, we’ve gradually learned more about Ninja Theory’s PlayStation exclusive title, Hellblade, as the studio unveiled concise development diaries detailing some of the artistic inspiration behind the company’s next outing. A few days ago, we got a detailed look at the in-game battle system — one that will be inherently hardcore, apparently — and now NT has showcased its approach to designing the cover art of December’s issue of PlayStation official magazine.

Taking to the PlayStation Blog, here’s what Communications Manager Dominic Matthews had to say:

Our whole ethos with Hellblade is to be open in our development, sharing as much of the game’s creation as we can. But it’s not just the fans that we want to be open with, it’s also the press. Back in September the editor of PlayStation Official Magazine came to visit the studio and was given an all-access pass to see the Hellblade team at work. Nothing was hidden, nothing was out of bounds.

For us it was an opportunity to test how our open approach with the press would work. For PlayStation Official Magazine it was a rare opportunity to gain access to a game so early in its life.

Without a doubt, Hellblade is shaping up to be one of the more intriguing PlayStation exclusives simmering in Sony’s roster. Ninja Theory has some serious clout behind it, what with its work on Heavenly Sword, Enslaved and last year’s sharp-suited, rebooted Devil May Cry, so you can color us very excited indeed for the company’s next project.

Hellblade is still without a release date, though we expect Ninja Theory’s latest outing to debut at some point in 2015.