The Nintendo 2DS Will Soon Have Its Price Dropped In Canada


With summertime comes great weather and lots of reason to be outside, from camping and water sports to road trips to see family members who live far away. It all combines to make this a great season to own a handheld gaming system, like the New Nintendo 3DS or its peer, the wedge-shaped Nintendo 2DS.

From Friday, July 15, Canadian gamers will be able to purchase the Nintendo 2DS for just $109.99, which is a nice change from its regular $129.99 price tag. This won’t be a temporary change, either, as from the sounds of things it will be a permanent price drop as opposed to a simple, timed sale.

If you happen to be in the market for a Nintendo 2DS, you should also know that some of the systems come with one of two games pre-installed. The first — Mario Kart 7 — is one of the 3DS family’s best and most addictive racers, while the other (Yo-Kai Watch) has been a huge success in the RPG category.

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