Nintendo 3DS Finally Sells One Million Units In Japan

The 3DS has officially reached the one million sold milestone in Japan after 13 weeks on the market. This is pretty underwhelming when compared to Nintendo‘s previous handhelds. The DS hit that mark in four weeks while the DS Lite and DSi took about eight weeks.

Nintendo head Satoru Iwata previously admitted that the handheld wasn’t performing as expected and the company was planning a push for summer. Officially, the company announced that a total of 3.61 million 3DS units have been sold worldwide at the end of its fiscal year in March.

So what’s the cause of this unexpected drop in sales? In my opinion, the tech is impressive but it really needs solid software to back it up and make people want to buy it. Until great games come out for it, no one except the die hard Nintendo fans will be interested in buying it.

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