New Nintendo 3DS XL Models Announced For Old Systems

nintendo 3ds xl

In a baffling move that’s somewhat typical of Nintendo, the company has announced a slew of new models for the Nintendo 3DS XL that are set to launch later this fall. Before you get excited, these are new models for the 3DS XLs that are out now, not the upcoming new 3DS that is set to launch with a fancy new C-stick, colorful buttons and a micro-SD slot, among other features.

While the new 3DS line has no set release date in the States yet, the new models of current 3DS XLs will have staggered releases starting this month and leading into late November. The first to hit shelves is the red-and-blue Super Smash Bros. Edition on September 19, just in time for the game’s release on October 3. Next up is the NES Edition, coming out on October 10 and sporting an NES controller layout on its outer lid. The packaging is also incredibly cool, and I would kill to have a 3DS that looks more like the box than the actual console. Check it out above.

Rounding out the releases is the Persona Q Edition that launches alongside Atlus’ Persona Q: Shadow of the Labrynth on November 25. As if the decision to release a new line of 3DS models just a few months before an entirely new console wasn’t silly enough, Nintendo has announced that two of the new models will be exclusively sold at Gamestop. The Super Smash Bros. Edition will be available at other retailers, and all three of the models will be priced at $199.99.

As cool as some of these packages look and sound, it’s slightly aggravating to get collectible models years after the initial release and months before a whole new console. However, if you’ve yet to pick up a 3DS and don’t feel like waiting the extra few months, then I guess these will be right up your alley.

Do you plan on picking up one of these colorful models, or are you holding out for next year’s version? Sound off in the comments below and let us know!