Nintendo Addresses Pokémon X And Y Save Bug Via Patch


Pokémon X and Y, the latest pair of games in Nintendo’s smash franchise, has already proven itself to be a hit. Our review called the titles “the most beautiful and open feeling games in the series yet.” However, not everything has proven to be perfect in the days following the initial launch, as unfortunate players have discovered a potentially lethal bug.

If someone saved their game while outdoors in Lumiose City there was a chance that they would be unable to load their file, meaning that all the hours they put into the lengthy RPG could be lost.

Thankfully, Nintendo has been quick to remedy the situation via a downloadable patch for both games, but unlike home consoles, it should be noted that 3DS patches do not download and install automatically. If you own either title and wish to update, connect to a Wi-Fi hotspot through your 3DS, open up the eShop app, select Settings/Other from the scrolling main menu, then select Updates to access the patch. It should take up 229 blocks total on your system’s SD card’s memory.

Alternatively, Nintendo of Japan has released a pair of QR codes linking to both patches, accessible via the 3DS camera (Press L or R at the main system menu to access it). You can view both patches below, with X on the left and Y on the right.


We will keep you updated on further Pokémon X and Y news as it dreleases. Until then, let us know if you’re planning on downloading the patch in the comments section below.