Yes, Really: Nintendo Announces The Nintendo 2DS

nintendo 2ds red (1)

If you were interested in the Nintendo 3DS, but wanted none of that 3D stuff, then the Big N has just the system for you! Announced earlier this morning, the Nintendo 2DS will have the same hardware features of the Nintendo 3DS except for the top screen being able to render graphics in 3D. The Nintendo 2DS is priced at $129.99 and will be available on October 12 in two colors, red or blue.

Besides the lack of 3D functionality, the button layout for the Nintendo 2DS is also a tad different from that of the Nintendo 3DS. On the 3DS, the control stick, D-Pad and buttons surround the bottom screen. On the Nintendo 2DS, however, the buttons, control stick and D-Pad surround the top screen.

The Nintendo 2DS will also be the first Nintendo system since the Gameboy Micro to not fold up. The system has a slate-type form that prevents it from being closed up like its 3D brethren. The lack of a clam-shell form could open the Nintendo 2DS up for more damage, though. While Nintendo will include a pouch for carrying around the system in, one has to wonder how much that will really help protect it.

Aside from being more susceptible to damage, good luck trying to fit the Nintendo 2DS into your pocket. The size of the Nintendo 2DS is equivalent to an opened Nintendo 3DS, and if you have ever tried to fit that in your pocket, well, you probably know how that went.

As someone who struggles with vision problems, I’m actually kind of excited about the Nintendo 2DS. Sure, it looks a little goofy and the lack of a clam-shell design is frustrating, but that’s worth dealing with if it means I can actually focus on the game I’m playing, rather than assaulting my eyeballs with 3D. It also helps that the Nintendo 2DS is priced at $129.99, which is $40 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS and $70 cheaper than the Nintendo 3DS XL.

We will have more information on the Nintendo 2DS as its October 12 release date draws closer. For now, take some time to let us know what you think of this new handheld via our comments section.

Source: Destructoid