Nintendo Announces Metroid Prime Federation Force


It’s been a while since Nintendo has released a Metroid game, but the sci-fi shooting series will return in 2016 with a new entry in the first-person Metroid Prime franchise.

The Big N announced Metroid Prime Federation Force for the 3DS during its Digital Event at E3 this morning with a tantalizing reveal trailer. The new game takes inspiration from the 2006 DS title Metroid Prime Hunters, but puts four players together for co-operative missions and campaigns.


From what we can tell, Samus Aran does not seem to be in the game. Instead, players will assume the role of bounty hunters who resemble the Metroid hero. Each character is designed in the chibi style and color coded to help differentiate between them.

Check out the reveal trailer above and let us know if you’re happy or dissatisfied with this new direction for Metroid?