Nintendo Announces Splatoon 2 For The Switch


During its highly-anticipated Jan. 12 presentation, Nintendo announced Splatoon 2, which will launch this summer for its new Switch console. A sequel to its smash-hit Wii U title, Splatoonthe game will feature new weapons, new battle stages and more. Perhaps the biggest and most obvious change comes in the form of the “splat dualies,” a pair of ink guns that are obviously meant to draw a visual link to the Switch’s new detachable Joy-Con controllers.

In addition to sporting a rad pair of real “splat dualies” (and shades) onstage, the game’s producer Hisashi Nogami revealed that — just like the original — there will be frequent updates post-launch with more stages and features. While the Wii U original’s dearth of content was a major criticism on launch, the constant flow of updates proved to be a boon for the game in the long run, keeping it in the headlines and giving players many reasons to return — so it’s not much of a surprise that the Big N has chosen to replicate that model this time around. Still, hopefully the sequel will kick off with a more substantial set of stages and weapons (and considering the company has a whole game to pull old material from, we’d say there’s a good chance of that).

Just like the original game, players will have the choice of using gyroscope controls or traditional controls for the shooting mechanics — and this time around, they also have the choice of taking the multiplayer action on the go with them. It will be interesting to see how Splatoon 2 handles its gameplay when undocked, to say the least.

Tell us, are you excited for the latest entry in Nintendo’s inky multiplayer shooter series? Let us know what you think below and stay tuned to We Got This Covered for all the latest news and information on Splatoon 2.