Nintendo Confirms New Entry Into Fire Emblem Series For 3DS


During this morning’s Nintendo Direct presentation, which just so happened to be the company’s first for 2015, The Big N confirmed that a new entry into the Fire Emblem series is currently in development for its 3DS handheld.

Simply titled “The Latest in the Fire Emblem Series” for now, this installment will once again be crafted by Intelligent Systems — the creative minds behind the beloved Awakening — and is considered to be a follow-up to the 2013 title.

In terms of gameplay, the reveal trailer hints at a similar system to that found in Awakening, with players manoeuvring through the battlefield in a turn-based, tactical manner. Interestingly, Nintendo’s Satoru Iwata hinted that the upcoming release will ramp up the tension by giving users choices that will have a greater effect on the in-game world than any other entry in the series to date.

Details for the publisher’s new Fire Emblem title are currently scarce on the ground, with Nintendo remaining mum on pricing or a specific release date. Nevertheless, be sure to check out the reveal trailer above and let us know whether you’re intrigued by a new installment in the long-running franchise in the comments.

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